Gas, Plumbing & Heating

At JPEC Group we understand how important it is to have your gas, plumbing and heating systems functional at all times – especially during the colder months of the year. We can supply, install and maintain your gas or electric heating system in accordance with the safety regulations in force to guarantee these are ready for use when called upon. Being Gas Safe certified we can assure you of the highest quality works in your business or home.

Energy efficient and cost effective

An efficient heating system is friendlier to the environment and can save you money on your energy bill. JPEC Group can advise you on the best boiler models, radiators and under floor heating options available for your property. If a new system is needed we are able to dispose of your old one safely making the change over less hassle for the customer.

Gas, plumbing & heating

Boiler repair and replacement

If you’re experiencing long delays in your central heating and/or hot water warming up or no heat at all, there’s a good chance your boiler’s on the blink. JPEC Group can inspect your boiler and carry out necessary maintenance, repairs or unit replacement(s). Our fully trained gas and heating engineers can make suitable recommendations for replacement boiler units – should one be required.

Gas, plumbing & heating maintenance

JPEC Group also offer 1, 3 & 5 year maintenance packages. We can inspect and maintain your gas or electrical, plumbing and heating systems on an annual basis to ensure they stay safe, efficient and worry free. These packages can include:

  • Gas & electrical heating installations
  • Tightness Testing.
  • Landlord Safety Certification.
  • Appliance Testing and Rating.
  • Gas leak detection service.
  • Underfloor heating (wet & electric met) including manifolds
  • Electric boiler installations & maintenance
  • Gas boiler installations & maintenance
  • Gas main installations
  • Appliance installations (gas/electric)
  • Vented/un-vented cylinder installation
  • Boiler relocation services
  • Warm air installations including all ductwork and vents
  • Single + 3 phase air curtains (over-door)

For more information about our gas, plumbing and heating services get in touch with us – Call 0800 9552 821 or email You can also check out our other mechanical and electrical services.