We are all feeling the squeeze of energy prices rising, but the good news is that you can start saving money instantly with Solar PV. You don’t have to find cash upfront to go green and benefit from the advantages of green energy with a finance deal through JPEC Group.

JPEC Group are an approved and experienced designer, supplier, installer, maintainer, and certifier of solar energy systems, enabling you to tap into the benefits of green, renewable, and cheap energy.

Investing in solar panels on your roof and a battery storage system will start saving you money immediately for example……

  1. Heating your water
  2. Charging your car
  3. Running of household appliances
  4. Selling energy back to the grid

Here is an example. A simple 3.7kW Solar PV System with a single 10kW storage battery will cost £12,000. You can finance this over 84 months for just £180.31 per month. This simple system could save you £216 per month which would pay for the finance and reduce your energy bills. Even after the finance is cleared the solar system will continue to deliver savings. With an expected life of 20 years these savings could add up to nearly £52,000. Based on an average house using 3500 to 4000 kWh per annum and current energy prices.

Being FCA registered, JPEC Group can help you finance your bespoke package through partners at Kandoo Finance to spread the cost evenly throughout the payback period. This means you no longer need to find the funds upfront to purchase your solar system and then tick off the years until it pays back, you can finance the system and use the savings from your energy bill to fund the system. JPEC Group covers London and the South East of England, carrying out all aspects of Solar PV – from the design through to installation, servicing, commissioning, and certification.

Don’t delay! Go GREEN today!   Call us on 0800 955 2821 or email us at renewables@jpecgroup.co.uk