Renewable energy and sustainable practices are high on the agenda, and we are all looking for more cost effective, trustworthy, and quality-assured energy solutions. This is where the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) comes in, playing a vital role in ensuring that consumers get the best out of renewable energy technologies.

At JPEC Group we are proud to be MCS accredited. MCS is an industry-led quality assurance scheme, which demonstrates the quality and reliability of approved products and installation companies. By holding an MCS certification, we demonstrate to our customers that we design, procure, supply, install and maintain to exacting industry standards of quality, each time, every time.  At JPEC Group, we believe holding an MCS accreditation and associated certificates, reassures our customers of complete satisfaction, which is at the heart of everything we do. Having an MCS accreditation and always going the extra mile for our customers, ensures our customers are completely satisfied with our work, whether it is our solar PV or any of our other services.

Why choose an MCS Accredited Solar Panel Installer?

There are several reasons to choose an MCS accredited solar panel installer. One reason is that you will need an MCS certificate to be eligible for government incentives, another reason is, a valid MCS certificate can also increase the amount of value a solar PV system will add to your home.

Efficient and cost effective

With JPEC Group, you can rest assured that your panel installation will be completed with the highest quality and safety standards. JPEC Group only use the latest proven technologies to ensure you get the highest returns on your investment. At JPEC Group, we provide you with a bespoke solution for your home and your energy needs so that you can rest assured knowing you have the right solution for your home, allowing us to support you and work together toward a brighter and more sustainable future.

And the best bit…..we help you finance it!

Being FCA registered, JPEC Group can help you finance your bespoke package through partners at Kandoo Finance to spread the cost evenly throughout the payback period. This means you no longer need to find the funds upfront to purchase your solar system and then tick off the years until it pays back, you can finance the system and use the savings from your energy bill to fund the system. JPEC Group covers London and the South East of England, carrying out all aspects of Solar PV – from the design through to installation, servicing, commissioning, and certification.

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