With working from home becoming more popular, many of us are spending much more time at home than ever before, so it makes more sense to make our homes as green and sustainable as possible. With school holidays coming up, we will be using more energy during the day, so many of us are looking at installing panels to cut costs, and even earn from the energy generated.

At JPEC Group, we understand that energy bills are climbing, and we want to help homeowners ease the pressure on their budgets – by installing solar panels.

How it works

Solar panels convert energy from the sun into electricity, this electricity can then either be used in your home or exported to the national grid.

Increase the value of your house

A report by Solar Energy UK, found homes with solar panels attract a premium price, compared to those without, following an analysis of property sales.  This could mean that the impact on house prices will increase, as people focus on ways to reduce energy requirements and switch to renewable energy.

Helping you to spread the Solar cost

The good news is that prices for solar systems are reducing as the technology becomes more mainstream. The savings on your bills, and how long it will take to recoup the money invested, vary depending on whether electricity is sold back to the grid and how much energy you use.  For many, the initial investment could be a stumbling block but as JPEC Group are FCA registered, they can help you finance your bespoke package through partners at Kandoo Finance to spread the cost evenly throughout the payback period.

This means you no longer need to find the funds upfront to purchase your solar system and then tick off the years until it pays back, you can finance the system and use the savings from your energy bill to fund the system. The result is that JPEC Group can help you find an affordable way to get on the path to energy savings, reducing your household bills and easing the stress of the cost-of-living crises.

JPEC Group covers London and the South East of England, carrying out all aspects of Solar PV – from the design through to installation, servicing, commissioning, and certification. 

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