Why choose an Accredited company

Renewable energy and sustainable practices are high on the agenda, and we are all looking for more cost effective, trustworthy, and quality-assured energy solutions. This is where the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) comes in, playing a vital role in ensuring that consumers get the best out of renewable energy technologies. At JPEC Group we are proud to be MCS accredited. MCS is an industry-led quality assurance scheme, which demonstrates the quality and reliability [...]

11 July 2023|

Giving Solar the Edge!

JPEC Group are thrilled to announce they are now a fully approved SolarEdge installers. JPEC’s in-house engineers and management team have recently completed the ‘SolarEdge Expert Installer programme’ and have achieved EXPERT INSTALLER level. This means their designs and installations are approved and vetted by SolarEdge, giving JPEC the ability to pass on extended warranties on all their supplied and installed systems. To give customers additional peace of mind, JPEC Group have the [...]

29 June 2023|

Take the burn out of solar!

We are all feeling the squeeze of energy prices rising, but the good news is that you can start saving money instantly with Solar PV. You don’t have to find cash upfront to go green and benefit from the advantages of green energy with a finance deal through JPEC Group. JPEC Group are an approved and experienced designer, supplier, installer, maintainer, and certifier of solar energy systems, enabling you to [...]

19 June 2023|

The future is bright, the future is Solar PV

Solar PV and battery storage is a simple technology and is suitable for your home or business premises. At JPEC Group, we understand that right now is the time to reduce your homes electricity bill and add value to your property, whilst getting money back through the grid give-back option. Our professional MCS accredited team are on hand to assist you with the whole process taking care of the design [...]

1 June 2023|
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