JPEC Group’s sister company Aquagas Energy Ltd, is an industry leader in the mechanical services world.

Acquired after the COVID-19 pandemic, with 30 years experience carrying out a wide range of services across industrial, commercial and domestic settings, Aquagas Energy Ltd is a welcome addition to JPEC Group brand. Realising the potential to ‘stand out from the crowd’ and shine within the industry, Aquagas Energy Ltd pride themselves on providing the following services:

  • Air & Ground Source Heat Pump Design/ Installation/ servicing/ commissioning & Certification
  • Solar Thermal Design/ Installation/ servicing/ commissioning & Certification
  • Natural Gas/ LPG Boiler, Cookers, Hobs & Fires installation/ servicing/ commissioning & Certification
  • Gas Fired Water Heaters installation/ servicing/ commissioning & Certification
  • Vented and Un-vented Hot Water Storage Systems installation/ commissioning & Certification
  • Mains Cold Water Pumping (Break Tanks Etc)
  • UFH & Manifold Design/ Installation & Commissioning – All floor types screed/ overlay etc
  • Commercial Catering Installations Design/ Installation/ servicing/ commissioning & Certification
  • Legionella Testing & Certification
  • Chlorination of Storage Systems & Pipework
  • Temperature Testing & Certification
  • Long term contract maintenance – Social Housing / Council Owned / Leasehold

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