About Solar PV

The sun provides an abundant source of clean, renewable energy. This can be converted into electricity using solar photovoltaic panels, known as ‘solar PV’, installed on your roof or ground.

This electricity can power your home, save you money, and help to decarbonise grid supplied electricity. Cut up to 90% off your energy bills with home solar and battery power.

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As the price of energy has rocketed, and the price of solar panels has come down, generating solar power, and using it yourself gives a far bigger saving now than it used to. Under the smart export guarantee (SEG) scheme, which launched in January 2020, households in Great Britain get paid for solar energy they ‘export’. This is electricity you generate, but don’t use yourself, which is then pumped back into the national energy grid.

Solar PV Maintenance

Most systems require little, or no maintenance and the panels should last for decades, although it is worth checking that they are not too dirty every year, as this can reduce performance.

Installation costs repaid

If your household normally uses a lot of electricity during the day, installation costs could be repaid in as little as five years.

Storing excess electricity

It could make sense to shift and store as much of your electricity consumption as possible to during the day. This also reduces carbon emissions, as you rely less on grid electricity which is often partially generated through fossil fuels.

Even without the SEG payments, PV systems are cheaper, more durable and more efficient than ever before and will deliver long-term carbon and financial savings, especially if the price of electricity continues to rise.

Solar PV Packages

Solar PV only

  • Finance available
  • Solar Panels

Solar PV + 5kW Battery

  • Finance available
  • Solar Panels
  • 5kW Battery

Solar PV + 10kW battery

  • Finance available
  • Solar Panels
  • 10kW battery

Solar PV Services

  • Solar PV Design
  • Solar PV Installation
  • Solar PV Servicing
  • Solar PV commissioning
  • Solar PV Certification
  • Battery Storage Solutions Design
  • Battery Storage Solutions Installation
  • Battery Storage Solutions servicing
  • Battery Storage Solutions commissioning
  • Battery Storage Solutions SEG setup
  • Power Cut EPS (interrupted supply) Backup Solutions Design/ Installation/ servicing/ commissioning & Certification
  • G98 & G99 Compliance Submissions with DNO for SEG (smart export guarantee)
  • MCS Accredited for PV & SEG acceptance

Solar PV Installers

We are established Solar PV installers and we carry out a range of works on domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

We are based in Horley and have clients in Crawley, Copthorne, Charlwood, Ilfield, Smallfield, Redhill, Reigate, East Grinstead and the surrounding West Sussex and Surrey areas.

We offer Solar PV design, installation, servicing, commission and certification services.

Solar PV FAQs

Installing solar panels can cut your carbon footprint, so you can make a personal contribution to reducing global warming. Climate Change Also, it can save money in the long term and shield against dramatic energy price rises.

Although your Solar Panels will perform better and produce more electricity if they are South facing, they will still perform at 86% (compared to South facing) either facing due East or West.

No, Solar Panels work in all daylight conditions and actually work at their optimum at 10ºc.

It is recommended that your Solar Panels are checked and serviced every year. We offer a standard service and maintenance package, which our team can advise you on.

If there is a power cut your inverter will switch off, which stops any generation from your Solar Panels entering the property. This is a safety feature to protect workers who may be repairing the grid. However, we can install a back-up system (EPS) which will enable you to use your stored solar energy from your batteries in the event of a power cut.

Yes. The way to sell your electricity back to the grid is via the Smart Export Guarantee Scheme (SEG) which you can arrange with an electricity supplier, who decide the price they will pay you for your electricity. You do not have to sign up for SEG from your current supplier, our friendly team can advise through this process and find the best tariff and supplier to suit the installation and consumption.

Generally speaking, no. Installing solar panels is considered to be permitted development (as long as the installation doesn’t extend beyond certain limits). However, for domestic properties, you will need planning permission if “in the case of land within a conservation area or which is a World Heritage Site, the solar PV or solar thermal equipment would be installed on a wall which fronts a highway”, or if “the solar PV or solar thermal equipment would be installed on a building within the curtilage of the dwelling, house or block of flats if the dwelling, house or block of flats is a listed building”.

People often ask whether there is a new breakthrough on the horizon that they should hold-out for. In reality, over the 20 years that we have been in business we have found that breakthroughs in the lab rarely translate to practical solutions for people’s homes or businesses. We only source tried and tested, ‘A’ Rated products from the world’s leading manufacturers and will use the most up to date kit available at the point of installation. We will always notify you if there are any changes to the products listed in your design specification.

If paying in full for your investment isn’t an option, we have partnered with KANDOO who can split your total cost into manageable monthly payments in-line with our design. The monthly savings generated from our superior design process pays your monthly finance amount so there’s no need to worry. Our friendly team can implement this at the initial design stage.

We have an in-house monitoring station within our design suite, with all sites being monitored 24/7. Our team will get an alarm notification if a panel or any other part of your installation stops working correctly, and then we make the necessary arrangements with you to attend site and rectify. We also setup inverter integration on your smartphone or tablet so that you can monitor consumption and generation from the comfort of your armchair.

We have domestic and commercial clients all over West Sussex and Surrey, including Horley, Crawley, Copthorne, Ilfield, Pound Hill, Worth, Maindenbower, Salfords, Redhill, Reigate and surrounding areas.

Yes, we are MCS accredited installers.

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